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    Rinjani Trekking

    Komodo National Park was declared as a World Heritage Site since 1991 by UNESCOand asone of seven Natural World Wonders since 2011 by the Seven World Wonder Foundation

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    Komodo Special Trip

    Komodo is in the middle of the Indonesian archipelago, and is between Sumbawa and Flores islands. The fact that Komodo is a UNESCO reserve for both a marine diversity and of course the Komodo Dragon makes this a growing tourist destination.

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The chain of islands east of Bali is named Nusa Tenggara in modern Indonesia: the Southeastern Islands. Among geographers the archipelago is known as the Lesser Sunda Islands, as a separation from the Big Sunda Islands; Sumatera, Jawa and Borneo. For what tourist places concerned, there is nothing ‘small’ about Nusa Tenggara. In contrary: a region of this size with a rich cultural and natural diversity can’t be found elsewhere in the world.
From Lombok in the west to Timor in the east the group of islands is blessed with white sand beaches, clear water and beautifull coral reefs. The three crater lakes of Keli Mutu on Flores, which have different colors because of vulcanic minerals, offer an almost surreal view. On the small island of Komodo, you can find the rarest spiecies of reptile.
In cultural way the islands are about as important. In the eastern part of the archipelago, women produce the most beautiful ikats of Indonesia. On Sumba, jockeys endanger themselves in the very old and dangerous Pasola-ritual. The fishermen on Lembata catch sperm whales by jumping on them from their small boats.

Far from mass tourism

The Lesser Sunda Islands are located between 8 and 11 degrees Southern lattitude. They stretch over a distance of 1300 km and form a central chain in the 5600 km long Indonesian archipelago. Nusa Tenggara has no less than 566 islands; 320 of them are so small, they even don’t have a name. On the map, five of the 42 inhabited islands are clear: Lombok, Sumbawa, Sumba, Flores and Timor. Besides these ‘giants’ there are a number of smaller islands, which are worth while visiting as well.
With exeption of Flores, the bigger islands are good to travel on the entire year. The best time for a visit is the dry season: from April until the end of October or November. In the period April until June, the islands are very green; towards September they are dull and brown. READMORE !!


The Lesser Sunda Island's Map

In the past Lombok island is a part of “ sunda kecil archipelagoes “ the archipelagoes itself consist of Bali, Lombok, Sumabawa and Flores. Now, the archipelagoes have been divided becomes three provinces where Lombok island itself became part of west nus tenggara province. Lombok island is about 5.435 squre km, divided becomes 5 regions. Sasak is the majority ethnic  on the isalnd, beside them there are other ethnic living with. They are balinese, javanese, bugisnese and many else and islam is the biggest percentage followers on the island. The highly tolerance each followers from all the religions can be seen from their daily activities, culture atraction, and art. Lombok culture was influenced by three big cultures in Indonesia, the cultures are : Islam, Java and Bali.

Todays Lombok is rising in all sectors including tourism industry, since the international airport has been built… READMORE !!

According to the history Mt. Rinjani has been visited since a long time a go. There were several kingdoms were existed  in Lombok at that period. The King used to do annual ritual to the mountain such as offering in the lake and in the summit of it. This mountain is very sacral for Sasak followers and Hindu followers so they always coming here every year. The most important visit for them are lake and hot spring.

The Rinjani national park covers area about 41.330 hectars and the area occupies several zones which is zones are controlled by the local goverment and involving the local villagers to manage the Rinjani national park. This mountain was announced became one of our National park in 1997, and Rinjani is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Rinjani has been erupted for several times, these eruptions causes a big crater lake and new mountain (Gunung Baru). READMORE !!

Komodo Island is situated in East Nusa Tenggara province, Komodo Island is part of Komodo National park. This National park covers about 173.300 hectares and Komodo national park is consist of three main islands such as: Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Padar Island beside several small islands around. This national park includes land and underwater park, land area looks very dry and hilly lanscape. The underwater world saves lot varieties corals and many kinds of fish. This park is one of the best snorkeling and diving area.

Komodo National park was published by UNESCO in 1991 and became a world heritage site. The islands are visited by many people not only by normal regular travelers but also by many scientists. There are about 277 species of fauna can be found here and one of the species is KOMODO DRAGON …. READMORE !!.


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about-usHi,, travelers..! Welcome to my website, thank you very much for your visit to my website; www.kindyadventure.com I invite you to join with the tours that I arrange. I arrange not only the tour activity in Lombok but the tour about komodo trip as well. I invite the people from all over the world, no matter who you are and where you come from. I invite you to join as a friend invites his friends because I myself do not manage such a big travel agent.

I am just a driver speaking who live in Lombok Island. For sure, I hope in someday I can build my own company and hopefully this is not just a dream and by joining with my tours that means you give me the support and again, thank you very much for all of this.

I was born in east Lombok in 1981 and since I just finished from high school, I went to Flores (East Nusa Tenggara province) I worked as a boat man and we often to handle the guest to visit komodo island. From this experience I got a lot of knowledge about Komodo dragon, the nature and culture, flora and fauna that found in komodo national park. Some other times I worked in an accommodation located in Labuan Bajo. Several years later I went back to Lombok islands I feel happier and close to the family.

This makes the situation is changed so I must figure out how to survive, finally I took a driving course. Such a good moment a man (Mr. Nono) from Senggigi invited me to join with him, he gave a lot of opportunities to increase my career and my skill. I have done a lot of driving to all around Lombok island, I also had a chance to do Rinjani trekking, doing the tour to tropical gili islands and many else. Readmore here…


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